24 May 2018

Alina Jurczyszyn.


Some say that singing is the voice of the soul. Far in the north, there lives a tribe, that makes a retreat into wilderness to find their song of power, their own individual tone. To Sing out what was hidden deep inside, pushed into the shadow is critical to empower and liberate our own true Self.


I invite you to workshop on voice and breath work, to immerse in the sounds of our bodies and the space around. For joint search for your own song, that only just waits to sing itself.


Please take with you comfortable clothes. We practice barefoot in soft comfortable shoes.

Workshop is dedicated to grownups. Polish/ English.





Alina Jurczyszyn. Singer. For 11 years she has been working with traditional songs travelling Balkans and Poland. Graduate of The Academy of Theatrical Practice Gardzienice, founder of local bands: "Laboratorium Pieśni" and "Annutara". Director and actress and project coordinator.


Website: laboratoriumpiesni.pl

You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=04fEWQOwUD4

Photography of "Laboratorium Pieśni": Marta Obiegła


Liberate Your Song – Voice workshop

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