08 June 2022

Alina Jurczyszyn.


I sing for you from what is alive in me... what is alive in the space in which we both are... what is alive for the world we live in... what is alive for the spirit that sings through me. I gave up. I am not leading this journey anymore, I am not driving it. I am the journey, I am the road, I am a polyphonic song in a woman's body. But I also have feet that feel the ground and tap the beat. I have a heart that sets the pace. I have a voice to convey what I wish to express through my existence. I have hands to play the instruments-friends of this trip. My senses are wide open to hear the inaudible, see the invisible, and feel what no one else can feel. This is what I am for. That's what I sing for.





Alina Jurczyszyn. The Song Woman, the founder of the Song Laboratory, has been dedicating her path to exploring the extraordinary matter of sound and traditional songs for almost twenty years. He travels all over the world (including the USA, Japan, England, Turkey, India, Israel, and most European countries), conducting workshops, giving concerts, and collecting songs at their source. Graduate of Gardzienice Theater, director of musical performances. He has recorded ten albums (including the latest album of Laboratorium Pieśni: Rasti - nominated for Fryderyk in 2020) and the book "Unleash your song".


Website: www.laboratoriumpiesni.pl

Face: https://www.facebook.com/laboratoriumpiesni/

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04fEWQOwUD4

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