23 June 2023

Loli Cosmica.


Traveling across different continents, and gathering around sacred fires inspired by the medicine of the ancestors, the message was conveyed. So the sound was born. My music is a prayer that comes from the depths of the heart and connects with the elements, nature, and the voices of ancestors.


The sacred songs, the songs of our ancestors, that resound in me as if I had sung them thousands of times in other lives, are made for the New Earth. Songs that bring us many lessons and remind us why we are here. Songs that open us to forgiveness and love. Let's open ourselves to them and feel the harmony of our lives in the space of this world.





Loli Cosmica. A musician, singer, and songwriter sharing heart sounds, medicine songs, mantras, and music from around the world. Born and living in Argentina, she creates music inspired by nature, plants, family, and the cosmic dance of life. She tries to dedicate her time to singing circles, sacred dances, ceremonies, and spaces to heal, nurture, and balance, to collectively raise our vibrations and connect with the sacred that we are.

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