18 July 2023

Michał Mejran.


I invite you to the workshop. We will be working with the body and emotions in a male circle inspired by A. Lowen's methods, psychodrama, and work with the breath.


During the workshop, we will immerse ourselves in experiencing the body and the emotions contained in it, loosening our masks and armor a bit. We will explore our relationship with the emotion of anger and discover the value of anger in our daily lives. We will also check how we feel in the context of setting and crossing our boundaries. All this to feel a little more free and authentic in your body, your life, and your relationships.


The meeting includes elements of the men's circle and dynamic individual, pair, and group exercises.

You don't need any previous experience or preparation to take advantage of the workshop. If you can do a squat - you have everything you need!


 Much of my dedication to this work comes from my vision of a better world, which I try to actively co-create for my children. And that's what I want to invite you to do today - authentic, spontaneous contact with your body, your emotions, and with other men.


For all our Relationships.


There are  two mini workshops:

06.08.23 'Anger!'

09.08.23 "My Limits"


Take with you:

Cotton towel (not microfiber!)

A bottle of water

Benevolent interest in oneself

Group of maximum 12 people.





Michał Mejran. I have been sitting, co-creating, and leading men's circles for many years. I graduated from the first edition of the School of Men's Groups, thanks to which I discovered that working with the body brings much greater effects in its transformation potential than "talking with your head". Fed by contact with men, I want to let go of this feeling of being together in closeness and mutual support. I feel at home building authentic relationships and experiencing Presence through my body. For me, working with the body is also a natural consequence of following the path of working with Plants; I deeply feel that the embodiment of the Spirit can only take place in deep contact with the Body.


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