08 June 2022

Marta Mróz-Goncalveš.


I invite you to a movement workshop that will help you feel even more comfortable in your body. Awareness of the center of the body (pelvis-hips-sacral) and its mobility makes every way of moving, even ordinary walking, more pleasant, smoother, more elastic, and graceful. At the workshop, we will ground ourselves by moving barefoot and letting our feet relax. We will move our spine to help it return to the flexibility of a lizard at its own pace, we will open our arms so that we can always breathe freely while dancing. During our meeting, we will work with rebozo scarves, which, due to their simplicity, will naturally rock us, we will wrap ourselves and others in them and make those places in the body vibrate that ask to be moved.


We will be accompanied by music from South America and Africa, which, thanks to its rhythmic and addictive sound, will introduce our bodies to a tasty vibration.


Workshop for women and men.

Duration 2h.





Marta Mróz-Goncalveš. For 21 years I have been meeting women on the dance floor, dancing the samba, and accompanying them in the development of body awareness. Thanks to this experience, work as a doula, and personal practice, I support women in their search for natural movement, sensuality, and inner strength flowing from the body. I focus my attention on the center of the female body, pelvis, hips, and sacrum, believing that it gives a force that connects a woman with her instincts and gives her balance and the courage to go beyond the schemas. I work to create an atmosphere of trust and lightness around it so that you can easily dive into yourself and enjoy your body and movement.

MOVE YOUR HIPS - movement workshop
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