18 June 2022

Giovanny Laguado and Aynimay.


Swim with the sounds and melodies of our ancestors. Giovanny's work is a symbiosis of many cultural trends with his own instruments in the use of electronic technology. Multilayered character and dialogue with the personality of the composer's faithful creativity. On the basis of this music an authentic and recognizable sound.





Giovanny Laguado. A professional musician from Colombia - composer, performer, lecturer, and multi-instrumentalist. A descendant of the indigenous Guane and Bari tribes of a region northeast of Colombia who refreshes and reinterprets the sounds and melodies of his ancestors. Creator of his own Native Wave style, which can be included in the World Music genre. His work is characterized by versatility, organicity, fluidity, and dynamics. Uses native wind instruments from South and North America (Quena, Pan Flute, Zamponia, Native American Flutes) in a creative combination with drums, guitar, voice, and modern technologies.


Aynimay.Therapist, painter, poet, and artist. It connects logical and intuitive worlds through dance, movement, breath, and sound. A woman of medicine on the path of dynamic equilibrium.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/giovannylaguado

Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/GIOVANNYLAGUADO

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7CkH4tb6C1iEd8ssIELzY7

Web page: www.giovannylaguado.fr

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