22 June 2023

Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham.


A ritual used by our ancestors as a way of thanking, asking for permission, or getting Mother Earth's support in performing some activity or work. It is an act of love, humility, and appreciation for the Great Universal Mother.


Please bring an item that is meaningful to you, bracelets, earrings, stones, quartz, ornaments, fruit, or food... if you don't have these, bring something that does not pollute, is not plastic, and does not harm Mother Earth.


We will pray, sing and dance to create together a space of peace, goodness, abundance, and joy and to leave the Green Circles knowing that we are totally taken care of.





Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham. An actress, Activist for Peace and Women's Circle, Grandmother of the Moon Dance (9 years old), Sahumadora, Keeper of Fire, initiated in several lineages, Healer and Spiritual Midwife. Ceremonies and Rites of Passage Guide, World Peace Dances Leader and Mentor, and Sufi Teacher. She comes from Chile.



pachamama offering ceremony
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