24 June 2022

Izabela Nurkowska.


The fluidity and grace of a student from the Shaolin Monastery. It is with Iza that we will delve into Flow Arts - when one movement enters the next one, and so the whole, the pleasing arrangement is created. Poi dancing is a great way to express yourself through movement. It is perfect for all ages and for all fitness levels. During the workshop, we will learn the basic movements and combinations of poi to find our unique way of spining. Simple body exercises will help you relax and open your body and mind to discover new movement possibilities.


We will focus on simple, repetitive poi movements that can be used as routine movement meditation procedures to achieve  "a flow state".


For those more familiar with poi, it will be possible to join the fire dance circle.





Izabela Nurkowska. Has been exploring the art of body movement and meditation for over 15 years. Her personal training led her from the Shaolin Temple in China to the Poi discipline of New Zealand. She has participated in many workshops and Animal Flow festivals around the world,

He continues Kung Fu training in Ireland with Shifu Yan Xin, the leader of the legendary Wheel of Life Shaolin Show. She will come to us on a special invitation from Ireland. On a daily basis, Iza teaches the smooth movements of Flow Arts and Kung Fu at @FLOW STUDIOS in Dublin. She teaches children, adults, and even those with mild dementia. She will also teach you.





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