27 July 2019

Joanna Stróżyna.


What guides our lives? How to set and keep the direction once given? How to support yourself in the process of change? What is an intention? What is affirmation? We will answer these and other questions together during the proprietary workshop Elixirs of Power - work with intention. We will learn or remember how to connect with our deep needs and find our sincere intentions for our own lives. Drawing on the power of flower essences, essential oils and herbal macerates, with the support of my experience and your intuition, we will jointly create an elixir of power - an energetic fragrance that will support you in what you need for yourself.





Joanna Stróżyna. My adventure with Mother Earth essences and essential oils began 5 years ago when I found out that I was pregnant. I wanted to help myself emotionally in a natural way. First, I made a potion for myself, then for Michał, my friend, mother, father and those who wanted it. It turned out that creating fragrances comes naturally to me. I use not only book knowledge, but most of all the intuition that I carry in my body and I discover it over and over again. Every day I am a mother of three children and my beloved Michał, the other half of OKORO. My life is my dream. I try to create a good ground for myself and my children to grow and create a world out of my dreams, and my work is a manifestation of this dream, dreams of a world where everything is recognized as sacred.




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