10 July 2020

Weronka Sacha.


Breathwave is a method of working with open breathing (based on deep inhalation and quite relaxed exhalation, no pauses in the breathing cycle), deepened awareness of the body and emotions, and triggering natural, spontaneous expression (voice and movement).


Thanks to the combination of practice at the level of breathing, body and sound, we are able, in the safe space of an intimate breathing session, to release the energy blocked in the body, revive the pelvis, clean the head, warm the heart and open up to the experience of an expanded state of consciousness - to the multidimensional experience of being. here and now and being here together.





Weronka Sacha. Charismatic trainer of conscious open breathing and personal development. Breathwave (conscious connected breathwork) facilitator, yoga teacher, adept in ancient Thai massage; Tabaquero "student" from Iquitos (numerous diets from plantas maestras), student of the Indian traditions of the Americas. For years, living in Peru and cooperating with various holistic therapy centers, supporting the processes of psychosomatic integration through group workshops and individual sessions.


more: www.weronkasacha.com


RELEASE YOUR BREATH - Breathwave session
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