09 July 2023

Patryk Kozaczuk.


We will start the workshop with an opening circle. The workshop's first part will consist of self-massage of energy points on the body. Each participant will massage their own body in places that will be indicated with the intention of listening to the needs of their Being and providing themselves with what the outside world has not provided us. We will connect with our inner center, search for tensions, records, and stuck emotions, and regain and strengthen the connection with our own bodies. We are often unaware of what lies within us. Cutting off from the body in the rush of everyday life, we forget that IT is our Holy Chariot. In my work, I encourage you to explore the subtlest parts of your Being to listen to your needs and get to know and love yourself in Full Love, Acceptance, and Respect.


The second part of the workshop is scanning your body with the relaxing sounds of instruments. The workshop will end with a joint closing circle.





Patryk Kozaczuk. I am a masseur and massage instructor. I started my adventure with massage in 2018, starting my studies at a technical school in the direction of a masseur technician in Warsaw. Then I completed a training specializing in massage and biological regeneration at the Dietetically Correct Academy in Warsaw and I took an instructor course at the Instructor Training Center in Ełk. I am currently working as a masseur in a Warsaw clinic. I am happy to share my knowledge while conducting massage workshops. My mission is to encourage people to listen to their own bodies. Exploring its secrets, reading what is written in muscles, fascia, tendons, tissues, and organs.


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