23 July 2020

Aneta Kaczorowska.


Runes are ancient Celtic and Viking letters used for strategy and the reading of fate. They show ways of solutions leading to personal, spiritual and professional growth and development. I most often use RUNES for therapeutic purposes, work with professional coaching, personal sessions with Runs. They are very helpful, they show the condition and situation of the questioning person, they give access to the subconsciousness and give directions for changes and life transformations. Runes are beautiful, magical, spiritual. I invite people to travel with them who want to learn about the causes of behavior and life situations, who are looking for a way or a direction, or who just want to get to know themselves and find a way out of a problem, a situation that bothers you, get an answer with tips from RUNES.





Aneta Kaczorowska. A coach, trainer, kundalini yoga teacher by profession, co-organizer of the Development Center in Konstancin, a therapist with RUNES' symbolism by passion, organizer of development and professional workshops and events. Runes came to me in 2005. I never learned them, I always had a connection and flow with them. They complement and deepen my work with people with whom I work and who change their lives for the better to live fully and enjoy it, using their full potential and own resources to reach deeper and further, grow and enjoy their own development and life. At meetings, apart from the symbolism of RUN, I use meditation, relaxation, yoga, working with beliefs and elements of psychology and quantum physics, chakrotherapy and others. I combine and use many aspects in order to get the best results from working with myself or changes in the professional area.


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