24 June 2022

Juan Pablo Evajuanoy.


Juan Pablo will take us with his voice to the lands of Putumayo and the Amazon, blessed by rain and sun. In his music, we will hear the voices of animals, birds, and elements. We are carried away by the sounds of ancient songs usually played and were at important community events and celebrations, such as the celebration of Karrustulinda - the Feast of Forgiveness - but also the harvest, the end of the year, and other Inga community events. Juan will also present his own pieces rooted in tradition, but reflecting longings, dreams, and a new look at the world of the young people of this tribe.





Juan Pablo Evajuanoy. The son of Taita Gabriel Evajuanoy. He was brought up in traditional, indigenous values ​​- respect for his neighbor and for the Earth. From an early age, he has been associated with Yage Medicine and music. He is a guitarist and charangist studying Music at Andean University. You can safely call him Inga's People's Singer. He was repeatedly invited to indigenous people's concerts, community centers, and radio stations. He is a friend of Danza Colibri, Nicolas Lozada and Lucio Feuillet. His music, imbued with the spirit of Yage, combines the harmony and wisdom of the southern peoples and their deep connection with Mother Earth.



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