11 June 2022

Ima Nazca.


Ima Nazca is a project born out of the need of the heart, drawing on various traditions around the world. An enormous exploration of sound medicine.


Traveling across continents, gathering around the sacred fires, inspired by the medicine of ancestors, the message was conveyed. This is how sound was born. My music is a prayer that comes from the bottom of my soul, is connected with the elements and nature, with the voices of my ancestors.




Ima Nazca. Even though I am half Spanish and half Argentinian, I have always felt like a traveler and a citizen of the world. My home is music and tattoo spaces. I found my roots in the wisdom of the ancestors of the lands that I traveled. Music and tattoos, given in a ceremonial manner, have the power to transform and awaken the healing potential of the soul. The giver and recipient become one with the source.

semilla cONCERT
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