23 April 2018

Mariana Root (Portugal).


The nature of the human being is expressed through a constant movement that accompanies the soul. A unique and genuine expression that in a primary state, is shared by voice. Through the awareness of the breath and the presence in the body we give space to the power of the natural voice of each one, which reveals his Being. This session invites us to a circle of common exploration of a meditative state of presence and creation in song. They are guided simple steps that can be integrated as much in the exploration and the musical artistic expression, as in the way of the spirit and the contact with the essence of the things. To activate this innate capacity that we all possess, we awaken the senses that make us open to the silence that inhabits us, and from there, to the space for spontaneity and freedom that sings the heart. The intention of this meeting is to discover the healing power of the sound of the voice and to inspire a new desire to meditate and celebrate with singing. The pure state of Being.





Mariana Root. A portuguese woman dedicated to sound and music creation. Player of multi percussions and strings, her voice that leads us to a very unique sound journey where the great inspiration is the Nature and the awareness of being Nature. With strong Portuguese roots in her expression, Mariana plays the square drum ‘Adufe' and drinks from the tradicional chants of the old times in Lusitanian land. She nurtures a deep relation with Andean mountains and culture, where she spends a great time learning ancestral way of praying and healing through sound. Mariana is currently living in the Sacred Valley of Peru, developing the art of singing in Quechua, an old language from South America, playing the Charango and relating her self with the local communities, nature and wisdom. With formation in music University of Portugal, and a large research in Ethnic Spirit Voice during her path, she creates space to help others to find connection with their voices and expression through it. She finds the voice as a great medicine for all hearts. With a big caring of the land and cultivating a simple life in harmony with Earth and its gifts, the landscapes that she invokes are extensive to different parts of the globe, and intimately to the Heart.


“The joy of a young child combined with the depth and wisdom of an old women.”


ser canto - vocal workshop
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