04 July 2024

Letizia Xiuh.


Letizia's music, often called medicine music, includes both covers and original compositions infused with the rich sounds and symbols of the Medicine Path and the Red Path. It reflects the deep work related to the artist's spiritual journeys. These songs convey insights, messages and teachings gained from direct experiences with master plants and are interwoven with prayers and calls for light, truth and healing. Letizi's musical expression is constantly evolving and reflecting the changes taking place in her own life. The clear message of her music and lyrics connects listeners with their inner universe while evoking a heightened awareness of the life journey we all share.





Letizia Xiuh. "In times of change, I found tools to evolve, grow and progress. Master plants, sweat lodge, art, music and movement are part of this sacred weave that opens our capacity to adapt and cultivate resilience in our hearts, minds and spirits. My work on this path began almost two decades ago when I sat down in my first sweat lodge. Many years later, I opened up to healing with master plants. I remain a humble student of their teachings and grace. This is how my music is created. I live with a sincere mission to heal all of our relationships. In music I create a safe and sacred space that holds you and warms your heart. You are led on a journey deep into your soul to find your own ability to heal and connect with your highest potential and purpose."


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