30 July 2020

Pedro Collares.


We invite you to close your eyes and dive within on a journey carried by exotic sounds and chants from around the world. The participants can be sited or laid to receive this experience rich in healing vibrations of various acoustic instruments inviting them to meditate and deep relax, giving opportunity for the being to naturally heal itself.





Pedro Collares. "For many years I have been on a never ending research on how Sound can heal and provide a better life quality to me and to other people. I traveled the world from deep in Brazilian Amazon Forest to Ashrams in India as part of taking different training in Europe, learning the diversity and similarity of the culture of using Sound and chanting to reach higher levels of consciousness. On this journey I have learned to play many different exotic musical instruments and participated on several music projects with other people. You can know more about my work at:





May all beings be happy and free to be and express their authentic self."

sound journey
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