24 June 2024

Letizia Xiuh.


It is one of the oldest existing Ceremonies. Practiced by the Lakota Indians of North America. It takes place in the sacred womb of the Earth, where we experience heat and darkness in the company of life-giving elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). Through prayers and sacred songs we reach the depths of our hearts, raising the frequency together.  


We go through various internal spaces that store unconscious memories of pain, abuse, abandonment, restriction, etc.


We open a new space where you can purify yourself and be reborn to a new life, to vibrate in harmony with the universe of Love, Peace, Respect, Trust and Consciousness.





Letizia Xiuh. With the blessing of Grandmother Mallinala, after 4 years of participating in Moon Dance ceremonies, Letizia received the blessing and permission to conduct the Sweat Lodge Ceremony. In this way, she deepened her connection with the traditions of the Red Path. In the Boat Ceremonies he uses his connection with the elements of nature, the teachings of Medicine Cross, the teachings of the Seven Directions and his personal experiences from the Red Path. Letizia combines a nature-based spirituality with her heartfelt mission to heal all of our relationships. As a talented musician and singer, she includes healing with the sounds of ancestors and songs in the Ceremony. It creates a safe and sacred space, wrapping participants in warmth, leading them on a journey deep into their souls, enabling them to discover their own healing abilities and connect with their highest potential and purpose.

sweat lodge
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