12 July 2019

Leticia Sideris (Tika Quantu).


This is a beautiful space for us to share, give thanks, pray and sing for our own healing with all our ancestors and all our relations, connecting with mother earth and father sky, great spirit and our grandmothers/grandfathers.


This beautiful and flowery ceremony brings the family together to celebrate our rebirthing into a new state of mind, a new stance in our lives.


Praying to all our ancestors and ascended masters, we bring into our awarness the presence of all the blessings we are receving every moment, allowing healing to happen and build our strength to overcome any situation. 


Just by focusing on our breath and presence, we hold our own space in alignment with our hearts connected with the earth's and sky's heart becoming one with the universe.


Thank you to all the tribes that have been keeping this tradition alive and thanks to all the hearts that are willing to create a nurturing space for all our future generations.


For all our relations

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! 





Leticia Sideris (Tika Quantu). Born in Venezuela, Tika has been living and sharing her medicine magic in the Sacred Valley of Peru for almost a decade. A Medicine Woman by blood, Tika holds 5th generation native medicine lineage from the North of Peru and since training as an Ayahuasquera has sat in and held over a thousand Ayahuasca ceremonies. Tika also holds powerful and transformative Sweat Lodges that are guided by the elements, Medicine cross teachings and her own studies and experiences of the Red Road. Tika’s commitment to the medicine path, is guided by grace and has lead her to sit with elders and masters from a vast array of tribes and traditions - giving her an unparalleled depth of insight and wisdom. She has completed a first commitment learning from Grandmothers of the Mexican Moon Dance and has begun an apprenticeship with a Grandfather who hold Peyote Medicine from the Wixarika-Huichol tribe. Guided by the Medicine Cross and nature based spirituality, including the 7 direction teaching in how she lives and serves, Tika holds a heart felt mission to heal all our relations. A talented musician and beautiful songstress, Tika offers ancestral sound healing and song as part of all her offerings. She holds a safe and sacred space that holds you and keeps your heart warm as she guides you to journey into the depths of your soul to find your own capacity to heal and connect to your highest potential and purpose.

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