08 June 2022

ÎANÄWA (Aiyana and Uttama).


It is one of the oldest Ceremonies in existence. Practiced by the Lakota Indians of North America.


It takes place in the sacred womb of the Earth, where we experience heat and darkness in the company of the life-giving elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether). Through prayers and sacred songs, we reach the depths of our hearts, raising the frequency together.


We go through a variety of internal spaces that store in the unconscious memories of pain, abuse, abandonment, limitations, etc.).


We open a new space where you can cleanse yourself and be reborn into a new life, to vibrate in harmony with the universe of Love, Peace, Respect, Trust, and Awareness...





Aiyana. Was born in Lithuania 11 years ago she left her country to travel and explore different cultures and traditions of the world. Eight years ago she came to Mexico, where she found a deep resonance with the local ways of praying. Medicine Songs, Sweat Lodges, Moon Dance, and other ceremonies brought her deep insights, so she devoted her time to studying with local elders, healers of different traditions, and working with plants of medicine.


Uttama. Was born in Mexico, although part of his family is from Colombia. He is following the Red Path and is studying plant medicine.

He devotes his whole life to music and healing through sound. He composed hundreds of medicine songs and collaborated for many years with senior taitas (healers) from the Ayahuasca tradition, playing the drums, singing at the Sundance Ceremonies, and learning their traditions.


The couple dedicates full time to the service with ceremonies and retreats with their medicine plants, sweatlodge, medicine gatherings, and festivals. Working and supporting elders of different traditions in Amazon and Mexico, they carry an altar of prayer to the Water which weaves a bridge of honor and respect to the ancient ways.

TEMAZCAL - Sweat Lodge
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