24 May 2018

Wojciech Wieconkowski, Aleksandra Kapella


Sweat lodge is a ceremony of purification and rebirth, a return to the womb of the earth. This ceremonial tradition derives from the indigenous communities of North America. It is a remarkable and transformative experience that helps deepen the understanding of oneself, it is also a space in which people can receive healing through the loving embrace of Mother Earth. In the womb of the Earth it is dark and hot, in the presence of the basic powers of the world - 4 elements, and our ancestors, human consciousness deepens and brightens up new previously unknown or forgotten dimensions. In the lodge a process of purification takes pace, insights into one’s life and his/her past, cathartic experiences, visions may also occur; hallucinations and other manifestations of altered state of consciousness. Ultimately the "little death" is followed by rebirth and it is a wonderful and liberating experience.


Taking part in the ceremony means full participation in the whole preparation process which includes, covering the frame of the lodge with blankets, preparing the altar and fire, in which the stones are heated.


What you should bring:

  • towel

  • sheet or swimsuit (to shelter it is best to go in naked, if someone does not feel strong enough better to wrap up with a towel or other cloth, as the outfit may hinder movement and cause discomfort)

  • comfortable clothing in which you can freely participate in the work of the construction of the lodge





Wojciech Wieconkowski. "I have embarked on my journey of researching and experiencing various spiritual traditions 17 years ago. My passion and curiosity for archaic shamanic practices, may intuition and guidance that my life had offered, opened the doors fort o work with teacher-plants. For 10 years now I have been learning and working on the Medicine Path, unfolding this wisdom by the side of my teachers. In may daily life Working in my artistic workshop - Metaphoric Tools where I build shamanic drums, love flutes Celtic harps and other instruments and ceremonial objects. I am an Ethnologist, translator, musician, therapist, life and great mystery. Living Here and now in all its beauty..."


Aleksandra Kapella. "With curiosity and a sense of humour I allow myself to be guided on the path of my growth, deeply believing that all exists in the right moment. This trust had opened before me the doors to the Plant realm and Medicine Men willing to share their wisdom. Several years of work with the entheogens, broadly understood body work, practices of various spiritual traditions and daily life experiences had lead me to a place where I perceive life with even more passion. I observe, listen, sing, paint, cook and dance. I discover what is humanity, womanhood, partnership... Expanding my consciousness, embracing more, fascinated with the abundance of forms and phenomena. I’m learning presence in everything that comes..."

Temazcal Ceremony – Sweat Lodge
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