09 June 2023

Krzysztof Fabijański


During the workshop you will feel what safe touch is, you will discover the pleasure of feeling another Being and you will experience the lightness of being taken care of. We will be in tenderness, respect for borders, understanding and presence rise higher and higher in working with primal energy.


Touch, which is a necessary element of proper development at every stage life, was demonized for many years, reduced only to sexuality or shunned as something immoral or shameful. I want debunk false myths and go back to the roots where touch is wonderful form not only of interpersonal communication, but also of therapy or release of accumulated emotions.


During the workshop we will focus on feeling, working with the body and compassion. There will also be an opportunity to experience a four-hand massage and get to know each other relaxation techniques.





Krzysztof Fabijański. Traveler, mental and relationship trainer, organizer of events and awareness expeditions, mentor, nature lover and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, minimalist fascinated by development which he has actively explored for over a quarter of a century. He participated in several hundred (sic!) workshops, trainings, symposiums, courses, conventions, festivals, and ceremonies at home and abroad. He studied between Brian Tracy, Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Christopher Carrera, many Indian gurus, Eastern teachers, and indigenous Indians. He lived in communities and tribes, and frequented ashrams, and centers for meditation. He visited over 70 countries worldwide, living longer in many, to get to know different cultures, dependencies, and interpersonal relationships. Founder of the Facebook group Tantra Poland.


the art of touch
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