22 July 2020

Karolina Brukszo.


A garden to the rhythm of the heart, intuition and inner strength. Design it yourself! 


Your inner garden is a powerful metaphorical concept that will change your perception of the world. Our green surroundings in everyday life can become a beautiful reflection of good qualities, powers, ideas or intentions. 


The garden has the power to saturate people with a higher level of physical, mental and spiritual health.We will create an inspiring vision that will introduce us to understanding how, by cultivating the soil, we can also develop our own awareness. And vice versa. This is where I can help you! 


I will guide you through everything you need to think about to harmonize the design of your outdoor green space with your own interior and energy. From finding inspiration to choosing the final look; from getting to know the space of your own heart to starting a garden plan in the place of daily activities. Let's move on to your plant metamorphosis in your home dream garden ...





Karolina Brukszo. Landscape architect with many years of experience in the industry. Privately, a lover of sustainable development, plant ecology and the spiritual world of flora. For 10 years, she has been exploring the secrets of medicinal traditions, wild edible plants, as well as the influence of the designed environment on human health and well-being. She loves to share her knowledge and passions with other people.


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