18 July 2023

Tomás Adriano Perez.


The Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony comes from the Native American tradition. It is one of the seven sacred rites for the Lakota people, with its roots dating back thousands of years. It is a primary ceremony of purification, which takes place in the „lodge” that symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth. It is often said that by going into the Inipi, one can be reborn. Each of the four parts (called „doors”) has its symbolism, related to directions, stages of life, and seasons of the year (among others). Each of the doors gives the opportunity to pray in the lodge filled with hot stones and the steam from watering them, supported by the rhythm of the drum and traditional Lakota songs.


The ceremony will be led by the leader of Vision Quests and Sundances, who has years of experience guiding Inipi rituals.


If possible, we ask that the women come into the lodge in long skirts or dresses and with their shoulders covered. Please also inform the leader of the ceremony if you are in your moontime. 





Tomás Adriano Perez. A healer from the Coahuila desert in Mexico. Guardian of hikuri (peyote) and yopo altars. He spent many years among the Wixarika (Huichol) people, living with them and learning about sacred plants. A disciple of Grandpa Bolívar (a Piaroa tribe  leader from the Amazon, Venezuela), from whom he received the so-called blessing for yopo medicine healing. Tomás is also the bearer of chanupa, the Sun Dancer and vision leader in Latin American and European countries.

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