16 July 2020

Xenia Uranova.


We invite you to one of a kind classes with Xenia Uranova, where you will experience what kind of instrument it is - a hoop drum. What are arms, legs, and the whole body capable of? What does all this have to do with music? What is trance and pulse? How to compose your own rhythms? How to count rhythms? How to play without notes? 


Using easy, fun and effective techniques from the various privileges of managing the laws of rhythm, managing the body and co-creating in a group. Put this platform into your everyday life and play with the equipment and the cat. During the classes, we will also learn the techniques of playing one of the oldest instruments in the world - a hoop drum. 





Xenia Uranova. Since 2013, she has been sharing the acquired experience, skills, skills and competences about the nature of rhythm and world music traditions. My achievements include many workshops in Poland and abroad. I was learning from the world of famous masters. The Zohara Fresco has become a special teacher for me. I was inspired by African, Indian, Arab and Iranian schools. My mission is to restore time and time to creativity (especially music) as one of the oldest forms of coexistence with others and with myself. I am talking about myself a great performer, musician, traveler, rhythm trainer, culture animator, enthusiast of sound therapy and body work. I love nature and I support a holistic way of being.






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