27 June 2022

Grzegorz Sykała.


Shaman songs are extremely effective tools for promoting change. To take a step into the unknown. They can accompany us in difficult and beautiful times. They will rock us, wake us up, and help us to express aspects of ourselves that we do not have access to. They give you courage and help you feel.


If we want something, let's sing about it. The song will help us take a few extra steps on this beautiful path of being ourselves.


During the concert, I will share both traditional and original Polish songs. We will learn how to look into ourselves with a song, how to cry, laugh, thank and give with a song. We will unite in integrating choruses and just stay together with the human voice and guitar.





Grzegorz Sykała.  "

I play guitar and sing. Simply. :)  share songs about freedom, love, nature, elements, ancestors, emotions, and great secrets. With songs that, depending on the needs, envelop, awaken, amuse, cheer up or give courage. They help to relax and integrate, inviting you to co-create the moment. I play original, traditional, and contemporary works, referring to the shamanic traditions of South America. I write songs in Polish.

I work as a musician at Ceremonies, I conduct Ceremonies and regular meetings under the name of Shamanic Flow, during which we open up, play, sing, dance, meditate and laugh."




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