16 July 2020

Alina Jurczyszyn.  Founder of the Song Laboratory.


I CALL YOU with my song. Come beautiful woman. I am waiting for you by the fire, so that we can hear together what is singing in us, what calls for a voice in us, what vibrations want to express through our body. Take care of your well-being, dress comfortably, cut off everything that limits you, take your drum, rattle, something to drink and everything that will help you open up to the unknown. Unknown in you, wild, free, soft, feminine, receptive, open. We will call our ancestors to sing with us, we will ask the Earth Spirits for support. I'll teach you an old song. I am calling you with my song, Sister.


The circle is only for women. If you have children, please leave them under the care of someone during this time. I invite men to the Wednesday workshop.




Alina Jurczyszyn. (Aja Piesionka). Woman Song, founder of the bands: "Laboratorium Pieśni" and "Annutara". He travels around the world with sounds (e.g. the USA, Japan, India, Europe, England), for fifteen years he has been working with traditional songs from many cultures, conducting the Song Laboratory Workshops, giving concerts. Graduate of Gardzienice Theater. In his life, he is guided by intuition, the call of the heart. It feeds on creation, singing, dancing, playing instruments, writing books, painting, recording CDs, directing performances, meditation, contact with nature and silence. She loves wildness, movement and horses. It is living fire.


Zespół „Laboratorium Pieśni". Song Laboratory (world / etno / spiritual / mystic folk music) is a Tri-City female singing group, founded in 2013. The group sings and arranges traditional polyphonic songs: Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian , Polish, as well as Georgian, Scandinavian, Occitan and many others. Songs of the World perform both a capella and accompanied by shamanic drums and other ethnic instruments (including shruti box, bells, obstacles, flute, kalimba, mis, gong ), bringing a traditional new arrangement to the songs, a space of voice improvisation, inspired by the sounds of nature, often intuitive, wild, feminine.


The band with concerts and workshops has already visited over 20 countries (including the USA, India, England, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, France). The music video with the Belarusian song "Sztoj pa moru" has reached over 8 million views, and the group is followed by over 130,000 fans on Facebook.


Website: laboratoriumpiesni.pl

You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=04fEWQOwUD4


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