13 June 2018

The Two Tabacos Ceremony in the Half Moon Altar is a Medicine Ceremony with the purpose of healing and cleaning. The Half Moon Altar brings us back together around the Fire to lift up our prayers as a community, in the recognition and memory of our all our Relations, as the path towards our natural state of well being. Our GrandFather Tabaco opens each principal moments in our ceremonies, bringing clarity in our heart,thoughts and words.


In between the two Tabacos we drink 3 times Aquacolla and we lift up our prayers with sacred songs. The instruments are being shared with the circle for those who wants to lift up their voice for their own life and the life of the Family, present in the circle and in our hearts.

The Aguacolla is a cactus that grows in the Andes, mainly in Ecuador but also in Peru and Bolivia. It can grow up to 6 meters height and is also called San Pedro as it can open to us the “doors of paradise”. The Aguacolla gives us deep understanding, strength and is a powerful antibacterial. The Aguacolla is a generous Medicine for the Heart opening. The purpose of the healing ritual is to make us “blossom” during the night, to make our unconscious “open up like a flower” in the same way that the flowers of the Aguacolla open up during the night. And to reconcile our earthly existence with the supernatural forces, with nature and the Universe.

The Two Tabacos Ceremony last all night and ends at sunrise. It is  followed by a Temazcal (sweat lodge) in order to complete our process, land back in our bodies by re entering into the womb of our Mother Earth and be reborn.


– We dress up with beauty and grace to present ourself in front of Life. Women wear a long dress or

skirt to honor their feminine energy. Men wear trousers and shirt. We wear a shawl, a poncho, or a

blanket to let ourself be embraced by the loving and protective arms of the Mother Univers.

– Bring something to sit on and be warm, like a cushion and/or a blanket. We will be awake all night.

– We recommend a light diet before the ceremony, stop eating at 17:00. Be aware of your diet in the

days before the ceremony. Drink water, avoid much salt, heavy and processed food, alcohol,


-Avoid sex 5 days before and after Ceremony.

-Pregnant women are advised not to enter the Temazcal during the 3 firsts months of pregnancy. Let us know about your pregnancy if you wish to join the Two Tabacos Ceremony.

– Women in their Moon time (menstruation) please let us know before the ceremony so we can give you instructions for this Sacred Ceremony that is already happening in your body.



We will hold one Ceremony - 6th of August 2018.

Number of spaces from 20 to 30 people.



Accommodation for the night in the Maloca, breakfast and one day Festival program is included in the price. Pre-reservation necessary with a pre-payment of 50 Euro (payment details in Prices). In the reference please provide the name and the date of the ceremony, your full name and email address to contact.


Email Contact: zielonekregi@gmail.com



Anne-Laure Vincke. Medicine Woman from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. Half Moon Altar Medicine Ceremonies, Temazcals, Chanupas, Moon Pipe Ceremonies, Women Circles. Anne-Laure is now 39 years old, born in Canada and raised in Belgium. In search of her spiritual path she started with meditation at the age of 19 in Asia. She encountered the Medicine Path when she lived in England about 14 years ago with *the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. About 11 years ago she made her way to the Americas to learn at the source and deepen her path, which brought her to meet different Traditions and Medicines. Based in Europe for the last 7 years she has worked for the recuperation and integration in our lands, hearts, spirits and times of the Sacred Ancient Memories. In her understanding and experience, the base for true health and well being. She is an artist and a therapist: body, energy and breath work, working also with Tao wisdom. She now integrates all of her paths in her spiritual and healing practice. She maintains her learning and collaboration relationships with her native american teachers in europe and in south America.

the two tabacos ceremony
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