08 July 2019

Aleksandra Kapella


The Women Circle: My Moon Blood - My Creative Power and The Moon Blood offering Ritual

10: 00-13: 00 Women's Circle: My Moon Blood - My Creative Power

15:00 -18: 00 : Women's Circle and Moon Blood offering Ritual

In the past, women have felt how powerful they are and how priceless their menstrual blood
is. Many ancient cultures used moon blood during rituals and everyday practices that are an
expression of caring for the relationship with Earth.

My intention is to create a space for Women, in which we can recall the ancient knowledge,
establish deep contact with the body and the Earth - the mother of all people and the source
of female creative energy.

When I was 20, my mother told me about my grandmother - a fairy tale of a woman who
healed and charmed using menstrual blood. Then I understood why the subject of sexuality,
cyclicality and menstruation always touched me very much. When I started to walk the path
of Teacher - Plants, the wisdom of my body began to wake up and year after year I
remembered the old knowledge of women. 
Participation in numerous sexual healing sessions and tantric practices helped me to embrace my femininity even deeper. Meanwhile, I was observing my periodicity and
menstruation. When I started to put my lunar blood to the Earth with prayers, there were
Women of Medicine who were also doing this and began to share their experience and
ancient knowledge with me.

Today I feel with my whole being that every woman on this Earth has in her body a treasury
of information about herself and her needs.

Each woman can connect with the knowledge of ancient rituals, today called "magical" that
once were part of Every woman's daily practices.

I would like to invite you Sister to the MY BLOOD Circle - MY POWER and the Ritual of
offering to the Earth the lunar blood. 
Together we can create a space of equality, acceptance and presence, so that we can share the experience of the relationship with Moon Blood and its properties.

Together, we can weave a space that may give birth to meeting with your true Self, to raise
questions that you need to ask, a place full of answers that you want to convey or receive.

During the Circle we will be accompanied by the smells of herbs, songs and cards. I invite
you to bring an item that you feel you would like to put on the common altar.



Aleksandra Kapella. Artist, art therapist, student of Gestalt Psychotherapy. Propagator of Intentional and Intuitive Art. The founder of JONIWERSUM - a space for Women who want to manifest their creative
Power consciously, in combination with sexual energy and inner wisdom. For many years on
the path of Plants - Teachers, she has been following the excitement and enthusiasm that
she feels in her body. She loves ceremonies, expressions of naked truth, ancient knowledge
and sense of humour in all manifestations. She is the initiator of Song Medicine Circles -
meetings of manifestations of intentions and learning of using energy with the help of songs
of many traditions. She runs thematic and open circles of women and various artistic
workshops. Its main goals are: OPENNESS - EXPRESSION - TRANSFORMATION. In her free time,
together with his partner, she co-creates the Metaphoric Tools workshop, creating
Ceremonial Rattles and traditional Medicine tools. Together with her friends, she creates a
world of conscious relationships in the Foundation of the Garden of Creation in Gdynia.

Joniversum Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/joniwersum

Circle of Song Medicine: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kragmedycynypiesni/


The Women Circle: My Moon Blood
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