06 April 2018

Mirek Rutkowski.


I want to invite you to the morning trance run (for late-rising people there will be an afternoon version). For those willing, a version with medicine from the Andes (Grandfather).


Trance Run is a practice bordering on bioenergetics and meditation. We run at a slow pace, with full body relaxation, while focusing on the "here and now" experience. We focus on running and breathing - remembering that we always have JUST ONE STEP to do.


The trance run supports the integration of body and mind, giving you the opportunity to experience crossing the boundaries of your "I"


Comfortable loose clothing recommended - we run barefoot or in light sports shoes. Swim in the lake after your run, so take a towel.





Mirek Rutkowski. He comes from the Land of a Thousand Lakes. He graduated from the Ecological Education Study - specializing in preventive medicine, massage and relaxation. Nature enthusiast - he lives in a small wooden house on the edge of the forest. Yoga, Osho and Biodanza lover. He practices rebirthing. For years, he has been exploring various techniques of working with the body.


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