07 July 2019

Ewelina Akaya Skibińska.


Intuitive dance, art therapy, meditation. I invite you to plunge into your emotions, body sensation, and deepen your awareness on a physical and mental level. Through attentive presence, breath, touch, movement, dance, meditation and spontaneous creativity ... To meet with yourself and other workshop participants. For a true meeting of yourself in another person and a meeting of another person in yourself. To be together. In themselves and with each other. To feel and understand deeper and deeper. To discover yourself fully. To stop at Here and Now. To stand in one's own truth and be ready to question it. To BE. For constant transformation. In the flow of emotions, in movement and stillness, in changeability, in the multidimensionality of your 'I'.




Ewelina Akaya Skibińska. Choreotherapy and art therapy instructor; yoga, meditation and relaxation teacher; psychodietetyczka. I share with myself, my experiences and the paths and methods that have led me to where I am now. In authenticity, manifesting naturally, I create space for every being who responds to my call to feel safe and at ease in expressing themselves - in joy, peace, tears and anger. In every version. I inspire, connect, and let go into the world. Constantly on the Way to self-discovery and to the soul of another person.

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