21 June 2022

I officially announce the recruitment of volunteers for the 8th edition of the Green Circles Festival. The time has come to decide how and where you want to spend a wonderful time in Polish summer. Do you remember how amazing the preparations from previous years were? We invite you again to actively cooperate and help. We also invite completely new people who want to experience a tribal, magical, and spiritual community.


A two-week work ensures a free stay at the Festival with 50% discount on meals. Weekly work is 50% off.


We offer meals and accommodation at the campsite (if possible at home). After work, it's time for bonfires, dancing, making music, and doing whatever is playing in the soul.


We are happy to accept people who have interesting ideas and are able to implement them. We do not encourage the arrival of people who plan to use stimulants - alcohol, marijuana, etc. Our work requires full awareness and concentration on what we are doing.


We start preparations on July 17, 2022. The first week is tidying up the Center and working on finishing and decorating the Volunteer Home.


The following days will be devoted to the regeneration of damaged objects - replacing the walls and roof with Otorongo and supplementing the walls of Maloka with clay. 5 days before the Green Circles, we organize and decorate the Festival space.


We invite everyone who feels comfortable in woodwork, structures, work with the ground, in the kitchen, and all kinds of creative work - about 20 people.


From August 5, we need support during the Festival - kitchen, cleaning works, technical works, cleaning after the Festival - 12 people - kitchen, 6 people - house, 10 people - other works.


Volunteers spend 6 hours a day working, and the remaining time is used to participate in workshops, concerts, and Green Circles ceremonies. You can stay longer – We will need help to clean the area after the Festival.


Places available in the order of registration - send applications by e-mail



In the email, please write information about yourself, what you would like to do, and from when to when you plan your stay.


Come on over. We are waiting for your open hearts, hard-working hands, and creative minds.


See you soon,

Mariola Floreska


Click here to see the last day of festival preparation on YOUTUBE:


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