16 July 2020

Jagoda Rzepka.


We go back to what is simple - a string and a stick. For what is natural - hand work and creation. To what is in us - to intentions and knowledge flowing from our roots. I would like to share with you the ancient art of macrame, with the energy of the rope, its possibilities and ways of using it. I will invite you to the circle like I used to, and we will sit down together to chat. Mold beautifully.


The space will be open to all eager to create hands and minds ready for meditative creation. Beginners will learn the main weaves when making their own lanterns, while those who already have contact with this technique, I will invite you to create together.


See you soon! 





Jagoda Rzepka. A therapist for exceptional children by profession, a special educator, a craftsman by love, an author of columns, dragons, in the process of being certified as an art therapist. A lover of sitting with busy hands, braiding, reeling, knoting and also solving. The unbelieving power to create and heal the follower. Favorite process - watching and learning from it.Living in admiration for the world and her own being. Forest woman. In her free time, she questions, asks, searches, and was passionate about being an ordinary person.


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