16 June 2022

Tavo Vazquez.


During the workshop, Tavo will teach us how to make traditional Bolivian and Peruvian flutes - Quena and Siku. Everyone will be able to make their own flute from plastic tubes.


Tavo will show us the basic rhythms, and most importantly, teach us how to play a Sikuri piece in a traditional way, together with a group in a circle, by dancing. It is a beautiful dance and prayer for humanity and the Earth, full of gratitude that we are all related. Tavo will also introduce us to Andean cosmovision and its importance for Sikuri culture. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about the colorful and ancient musical tradition of one of the great virtuosos of Andean music culture.





Tavo Vazquez. A musician and music craftsman from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He devoted his entire life to music. He is a multi-instrumentalist in love with South American folk music. He spent several years studying with master flutist Rafael Giménez, living in his home in the mountains, and learning the art of making his own flutes. Traveling around Bolivia and Peru, he discovered the ancient sounds of indigenous cultures living on the "Altiplano", the high plateaus of the Andes, and fell in love with their beautiful, soaring tones and exquisite, timeless rhythms.


WINDS OF THE ANDES - flute making
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