19 April 2018

Katarzyna Urmanowicz (Kate Flow).


Hula Hoop Goddess is a workshop to which I invite women who are both spinning the wheel and those who have not yet learned about this beautiful art. The wheels will be waiting for you there, but you can also take yours. We will flow with sensual music as well as wildly dance with the wheels to energetic sounds. We will calm down while relaxing and stimulate Wim Hof's breathing method. We will open the hips and activate the pelvic floor muscles. We will also learn a few hula hoop tricks and feel the magic space of the circle in free dance.


The wheel symbolizes the cyclicality found in nature and in the universe. We have time of day and year, moon cycles, life cycle. The hula hoop and its energy connect us to the cycles of nature and our own.In the Circle of Circles we will celebrate our Divine Feminine, discover the Goddess in ourselves and open our eyes to our Wild Feminine - an unrestrained, courageous and wise part of ourselves and common to all women.


What will you experience at the workshop:

- you will get used to the hula hoop, its energy (and your own)

- you settle in yourself and disrupt your creative energy- you will learn a few tricks with which we will then play the flow of beautiful music

- you will stop the world for a moment, relax and reduce the level of stress, clear emotions

- you will learn about exercises that open the hips and make the muscles of the pelvic floor more flexible (Cantienic elements), which is important in correct spinning the wheel so as not to burden the spine

- you will experience healing and energizing breathing using the Wim Hof method, which also prepares you to get used to the cold (take it easy, we won't go out in the cold;)

- you will awaken the Wild Woman in you

- we will celebrate our Divine Feminine in a circle of circles


How to prepare:

- bring a mat, blanket, water

- take a flower with you. Flowers will accompany us, we will fill them with intentions during the meeting. Then you will take the flower home so that the energy that will arise in our circle accompanies you with your intention

- prepare an Intention with which you will come to our circle of circles, think about what you want to sanctify in yourself, what to bring out to feel your divine, wild femininity.


If the Intention does not come to you before the meeting - don't worry, it will come during ♥





Katarzyna Umanowicz aka Kate Flow. “I love hula hoop dancing and creating computer games as a game designer. I am a psychologist by education, in hula hoop dance I am in flow, I derive joy from it, I generate energy in which I meditate and regenerate myself.In recent years I have searched and found myself as a Goddess, a Wild Woman and a Warrior. I found the courage to be fully myself, I learned how to return to the source of your femininity, to openly express yourself in the world.During the journey of the body, I experienced many wonderful forms of movement: hula hoop dance, free, intuitive dance, contemporary dance, capoeira, taekwon-do, yoga, cantienica, rollers, yoyo, swimming, drumming, breathing using the Wim Hof method.The psyche's journeys showed me relaxation, visualization, meditation, contemplation, creativity, the power of intuition, being HERE and NOW, joy of life, gratitude, love.Soul journeys revealed to me consciousness, the essence of the sense of being, of pure being.I am happy to pass this magic, energy and knowledge to the Circle of Circles during the Hula Hoop Goddess workshop."


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