01 July 2019

Jakub Babicki.


Lecture: Plant intelligence and human consciousness - what are both phenomena and how do they connect with each other?
In the modern world, research into the intelligence of plants is flourishing. It turns out that they perform functions that for a long time we had no idea or were only a speculative sphere. Today we know that plants react dynamically and intelligently to their surroundings. They can learn, remember, count, hear and see. Additionally, they work closely with fungi and other small organisms. The entire biosphere appears to be a living and intelligent system, although modern neurobiology assumes that it is merely a machine that carries out evolutionary tasks. It is the same with awareness. Scientific reductionism reduces people to the role of machines that can be completely described, and consciousness happens to us by chance or is an illusion. The truth is, we don't know what consciousness is or how it arose in the biosphere. The mystery is also the origin of life on Earth and, of course, the origin of the entire Universe. In the lecture, we will discuss examples of plant intelligence, consider how life could have originated on Earth, as well as what consciousness is and how it manifests itself in living systems. We will learn about new scientific research in the field of plant intelligence as well as consciousness and cosmological models. 





Jakub Babicki.  Ethnopharmacologist, herbalist and analyst. I study the phytopharmacological properties of plants. I am particularly interested in natural compounds that affect the nervous system, consciousness and the circulatory system. I also work as a consultant for the processing of natural resources, where my goal is to bring high-quality natural products to the market. Popularizes herbalism among people, I teach safe and rational use of nature. I am fascinated by the problem of biological singularity in living systems. My scientific interests are: phytopharmacological and neurophysiological methods of treating Alzheimer's disease, depression and other cognitive diseases, phytotherapy of heart and circulatory system diseases, medical properties of common plants of Polish and Amazonian flora and the use of entheogenic substances in medicine. I participate in research projects on artificial intelligence.


Plant intelligence and human consciousness 
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