22 June 2022

Dear Travelers, I present the list of Ceremonies that will take place during the Festival, which is a unique opportunity to touch on the indigenous traditions of the South and Central American tribes. Feel free to book a seat. Details in the Ceremonies and Price List tab. These ceremonies are additionally payable.



KAMBO FROG HEALING CEREMONY - Marek Miedziewski                                                                                             

Sunday 7th September 2022 

AMAZONIAN MEDICINE CEREMONY - NIXIE PAE (Grandmother) - Kayatibu Group -  Huni Kuin                      


Monday 8th September 2022   

MEXICAN MUSHROOM CEREMONY ÎANÄWA                                           


Wednesday 10th September 2022                

AMAZONIAN MEDICINE CEREMONY - (Grandmother) - Pedro Colares                                                                                                                                                             

Friday 12th September 2022 

DAY CEREMONY - AMANITA - Waldemar Borowski and Rafał Wyszyński                                             


Friday 12th September 2022 

ANDEAN CEREMONY - WACHUMA (Grandfather) - Yari and Paula                                                          


Saturday 13th September 2022                   

COLUMBIAN MEDICINE CEREMONY (Grandmother) - Evanjuanoy Family                                                                          

the list of ceremonies
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